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 Exclusive distributor of the Wicked StartTM batteries       
Finally bringing a premium maintenance free
battery to the Power Sport industry

Renegade Batteries are built to a higher standard than other battery manufacturers.  Our maintenance free AGM batteries are constructed with an electronic iron weld directly on the entire battery plate vs just a small spot weld on the terminals. Spot welding will surely increase the likelihood of a broken weld or cell and decrease the life of the battery.  The superior welding used for the Renegade battery brand results in a higher quality battery.

GUARANTEED ready to go!  At Renegade Batteries, we test and charge 100% of our batteries prior to leaving our warehouse.  A state of the art analysis report will be included with your order.  We take these extra steps to assure you, as a new or old Renegade battery family member that Renegade battery stands above our competitors.

We have no doubt, in a short time and word of mouth, Renegade batteries will become one of the largest manufacturers of Power Sport batteries in the U.S.A.

Excellence at a fair price is our goal,
And besides we have a kick ass brand name!

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7:00 AM - 4:30 PM



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