About Renegade Battery

In 2015, Renegade Battery was born with the idea to defy the standard principles associated with powersport batteries, a goal to live up to the “Renegade” name. With over 40 years of riding motorcycles, Christopher Roy, the CEO of Renegade Battery, picked a natural place to start – Harley Davidson.

After releasing a Harley Davidson replacement battery that saw great success in performance and durability, Renegade Battery continued to push the standard principles by branching off into other powersport categories. Renegade introduced their Jet Ski and ATV batteries in late 2016, Lawn Mower and UTV batteries in August of 2017 and the Polaris 1000 Group 26 batteries in May of 2019.

With over 40 years of riding motorcycles..

Christopher Roy, the CEO of Renegade Battery,

Why Renegade Battery

Renegade Battery offers the highest quality powersport batteries at competitive pricing. Our batteries are built with unrivaled durability. While most powersport batteries are built with small electric spot welds that can easily crack, our batteries are constructed with electronic welds directly on the entire battery plate which reduces the likelihood of a broken weld or cell. At Renegade Battery, each battery is tested and charged prior to leaving the warehouse and when you receive your battery, you also receive a state of the art analysis on your exact battery. This insures that you’re ready to ride when your battery arrives.

An excellent replacement for the more expensive and less powerful 400 CCA O’reillys battery. Perfect for my HD Road King and Electra-glide sleds.

Lyle Hicks | December 18, 2019

The battery weighs twice as much as the Harley Davidson battery it replaced! In a battery like this, same size and more weight = more power! Love it and will definitely purchase when I need another one.

Jacky | November 23, 2019

I am in love with this battery, reliability unmatched by any others. I am a professional mechanic of thirty years, and I am incredibly impressed!

Dennis R Bengtson | November 2, 2019

Higher Performance

at a Lower Price.

ATV / Utility Vehicles ATV / Utility Vehicles
ATV / Utility Vehicles

UTV Batteries ready to tear up the sand, rock, snow, and any other terrain you can find.

Jet-Ski / Watercraft Jet-Ski / Watercraft
Jet-Ski / Watercraft

Finally, a Jet Ski battery that keeps up with your performance needs all season long.

Lawn & Garden Lawn & Garden
Lawn & Garden

Batteries for riding lawn mowers, tractors, snowblowers, wood chippers, and more.

Motorcycle / Scooter Motorcycle / Scooter
Motorcycle / Scooter

Whether you’re taking a cross-country trip or cruising around town, you can rely on Renegade Battery® motorcycle batteries.

Snowmobile Snowmobile

Our selection of snowmobile batteries is built to last even in the toughest conditions.