2012 Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC

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2012 Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC

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12 Volt, 20 Amp Premium AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Battery.

RG20L-BS In stock. Fully charged and tested.

Orders placed by 1:00 PM (M-F) will ship that day from our AZ warehouse.

UPGRADE TO 500+ cold cranking amps
Dimensions: 6.875 × 3.25 × 6.125 in


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12 Volt, 20 Amp Premium AGM Sealed Maintenance Free Battery

400 Cold Cranking Amps

Length 6  7/8″
Width 3  1/4″
Height 6  1/8″

One year warranty.

You will notice the power of the Renegade battery the first time you hit the starter.
To achieve this power, Renegade battery propriety plates are designed differently ON PURPOSE.

Our design makes it necessary to change the way you may have been maintaining your previous batteries.

As a general rule, if you ride 2-3 times or more a month, you shouldn’t need to do anything else. If you know that you will
not be using the vehicle for more than 30 days, charge the battery for 48 hours and REMOVE the charge.
Repeat every 30 days, until you are back in the seat. Call us, if you have any questions.

We often hear people say “they properly maintained their battery by keeping it on a tender”.
Well, they probably killed the battery sooner than they would have liked.

Renegade batteries are NOT constructed to take a constant 24 hour / 7 day a week charge.
Remember, power in, must equal power out. If you are always putting “power” in, something is going to give.

Here are some simple DO’S and DO NOT’S to help you get the most from your Renegade battery.

DO: Charge the battery every 30 days when not in use.
DO: Check the terminals for cleanliness and loose connections.
DO: Try to keep the battery stored between 62 -82 degrees Fahrenheit.
DO: Check your battery charger voltage regularly.

DON’T: Use an automatic battery charger greater than 1.5 Amp.
DON’T: Use a battery tender after every ride.
DON’T: Ever let the battery voltage drop below 10 Volts.

Only the batteries are shipped with your order. Existing cables and connectors must be re-used.
Please note the information listed is for a single battery. Certain models/systems require two or more batteries.
Please verify the amount of batteries you need.


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Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC


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Brian Perez
Feb 01, 2023

A few months with the battery and so far so good. Bike starts right up even after having it sit for two weeks.

Don Wyckoff
Jan 21, 2023

Looked and looked for a higher CCA battery for my 07 Dyna (it starts hard in the cold). So I figured I’d give the wicked start Renegade a try. So far I am pleased with the performance and reliability. Unfortunately my wife’s Suzuki had a battery that died and would not reliably come back and operate normally (fluctuating voltage ect.) so back on the interwebbs and ordered an AGM for her bike. Love the turnaround time and free shipping. And I do enjoy a beer wile I work on the bikes so the can koozi was appreciated!!!!!

Rick Carlson
Jan 14, 2023

RG14L-WS 12 Volt, 14 Amp. 31 December install on ’06 H-D XL1200C
Wow! Very satisfied with the cold cranking current that it delivers.
Battery charge was 13v when received after ground transit during some very low temps. Installed, started, verified electrical system okay, shutdown in 5 minutes. Start was noticeably stronger than the okay 220cca battery that it was replacing. After 10 days sitting in an unheated garage with the temps dropping below the freeze mark a few times, I got around to starting and a ride. I expected the usual sluggish cold Harley crank and a finger cross for firing up before the start bogged down. Nope. Two not-too-sluggish cranks and then everything spun like it was a warm engine on a summer day.
Will follow the Renegade advice relative to maintenance charging only if things are going to sit over 30-days. (I hope not.) I believe that their advice is solid.